Daily Preschool Routines

Each class has their own specific routines that meet the needs of the students, the class, and the teacher’s curriculum. These are some of the items covered in the Mt. Olive Preschool environment:

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Jesus Time

Children attend chapel on Mondays and Thursdays. Chapel is led by either Ms. Karen, our Preschool Director, Pastor Meyer, or Mr. Jason, our Director of Christian Education. Chapel time includes singing, Bible verses, and Bible stories and lessons.

Pastor Meyer and Mr. Jason visit classrooms twice per month for Jesus Time and to tell Bible stories, teach lessons, and visit with the children.

Daily Schedule

Each class follows a schedule of daily activities that incorporates a variety of learning experiences. Teachers introduce concepts including colors, shapes, numbers, and letters on appropriate levels for each particular class

Monthly Themes

In addition, each class will have a theme of study that will change on a monthly basis. These themes include concepts and activities in science, social studies and culture, math, language arts and reading, and art.

Parents receive monthly curriculum web plans and weekly lesson plans outlining learning themes and objectives, activities in various subject areas, books to be read, and letters and numbers of the week.


The Threes and Pre-K classes use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum that incorporates pre-reading and pre-math activities. The children will master letter sounds and simple number concepts.

The Pre-K curriculum is aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Children in the Pre-K class are well prepared for their Kindergarten experience.

Creative Movement

A weekly Creative Movement class, taught by a Master’s Level Movement Specialist and Educator, is also incorporated into the Three’s and Pre-K classes. These classes are included in tuition.

Spanish Class

Along with our academic program, we offer a specialized weekly Spanish program in the Twos, Threes, and Pre-K classes. These classes are included in tuition.

Using the Sonrisas curriculum, Spanish classes will incorporate songs, dancing, and reading stories all in Spanish. Spanish classes take place on Tuesdays.


Children who attend on a full-time or extended day basis will have a naptime each day. Cots are provided for each napping student. Children bring bedding or nap mats for their cots.

Naptime begins at 12:30 and ends around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. State Licensing standards require us to provide a quiet rest time of at least one hour and not more than three hours. After children have rested quietly for at least an hour, they may get up and do a quiet activity, provided they can do so without disturbing other children.