Mt. Olive Preschool
Re-Accreditation through NLSA

2018 Preschool Re-Accreditation through National Lutheran Schools Accreditation

Every five years, Mt. Olive Preschool conducts an intensive self-study that is assembled by a committee including Congregational members, Preschool parents, and Preschool staff. The self-study report examines Preschool operations in seven areas:

  • Statements – Mission, Goals, and Philosophy of the Preschool
  • Relationships – between the Preschool its families and between the Preschool and the congregation
  • Administration
  • Personnel
  • Teacher-Child Relationships
  • Indoor/Outdoor Environment and Health and Safety
  • Curriculum

A team of four Lutheran educators reviews the self-study document and conducts a site visit to verify that the Preschool meets national accreditation standards. The site visit team writes a summary report citing the strengths of the school and making recommendations for consideration.

I am pleased to announce to the Congregation Mt. Olive Preschool has again been certified by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation.

Click here for the official letter of notification.

Please join us on Sunday, September 30th for an Informational Townhall Meeting at 8:45 AM before the 5th Sunday – One Voice worship service. Karen Keswick, our Preschool Director will be sharing more details on the results and recommendations from the self-study and accreditation process. She will also be covering the next steps approved by the Preschool and Governance Boards as we continue to strengthen this important outreach ministry.

Gary Weuve
Congregational Chair

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