…but God

2021 Lent Sermon Series
February 17 – March 28, 2021

We all experience sin and its effects on our lives everyday, some days or seasons more than others. 

In this Lenten and Easter sermon series, we will incorporate stories from both the Old and New Testaments as we examine our human condition to the ‘left’ of, and God’s nature to the ‘right’ of “…but God…”.  

To the left, we find  disobedience, rebellion, hopelessness, darkness, and death.  To the ‘right’ of  “…but God…”, we will find hope, light, and life, as we remember God’s faithfulness, grace, righteousness, and justice.


  • Feb 17, Ash Wednesday
    • We say “I am a sinner” but God says “I call you to repentance”
  • Feb 21, Lent 1
    • We say “I’m afraid” but God says “I have not given you a spirit of fear”
  • Feb 28, Lent 2
    • We say “I can’t manage” but God says “I will supply all your needs”
  • Mar 7, Lent 3
    • We say “I feel empty” but God says “I will give you living water”
  • March 14, Lent 4
    • We say “I can’t forgive myself” but God says “I forgive you”
  • March 21, Lent 5
    • We say “It’s impossible” but God says “All things are possible”
  • March 28, Palm Sunday
    • We say “It’s not worth it” but God says “It will be worth it”

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