Don’t Go to Church to Worship,  Bring Your Worship to Church!

Don’t Go to Church to Worship, Bring Your Worship to Church!

Now this caught my eye! The title of this blog was also the title of a workshop at a Worship Leader conference that I recently attended. I was looking over the topic choices for one of the Tuesday afternoon workshops and this title made me stop and re-read and wonder...

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Butterfly Reminders

Butterfly Reminders

Springtime in preschool is one of my favorite times of year. Each year we order caterpillars, along with a pasty, semi-gelatinous mixture of vegetation upon which the caterpillars feed. The caterpillars arrive not much larger in size than a couple hyphens on a page...

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Spiritual ADD

I said to a dear friend the other day, “I think I know how Mrs. Claus feels during Christmas – it can’t be crazier than me during football season.” Yes, it was said to evoke a giggle, but I wasn't entirely kidding. This is the most demanding season our family endures...

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Worship While You Work

One day this summer I said to my son, “What on earth makes you think I’m even going to consider getting you that video game when you don’t value the ones I’ve already given you?” Well… you know how sometimes words barked at your children while compassionately child...

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When I Get Where I’m Goin’

After my Grammy Rose’s wake and funeral, I’ve found myself intensely introspective. My heart’s been quiet, but my mind is in overdrive. In the midst of my mourning, something was revealed to me that I bet some of you already know. Some people are scared to death of...

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My Saltwater Assignment

Finally July arrived and all 7 Prehars were headed to our former home, Boston MA for the Fourth. My mom and dad and I hopped a flight with Gracelyn and Andrew. Troy, Christian, Nathan and Dominick willingly drove 2000 miles – each way. One of my best friend’s husband...

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Swimming Upstream

So as May finally wraps up, I have to vent a ‘lil. May Day is celebrated on May first. But by May 31st, it’s the reoccurring theme of my self-talk: “Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!!!” According to Wikipedia, "Mayday" is an emergency procedure word used internationally as a...

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Make A Splash

Now that I hit the bottom of the bottle – of Dreft – as yummy an aroma as baby laundry detergent might be, I can honestly say I don’t see myself waking up one day and missing the smell of the stuff. This week I finished the last of 11 years of Costco-sized bottles of...

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A Good Friday Prayer

Heavenly Father, Thank You for this day. For the good we cherished, the parts we failed to find good in and for all Your help through it. But Lord Thank You most of all for Your Son Jesus, our Lord and Savior. We have shown You time and again that we are wicked...

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