Prince Charming vs. The King of Kings

In country music sensation Taylor Swift’s super hit Love Story, she sings “Romeo, save me.” Yikes!  That puts a lot of pressure on poor Romeo.  “You’ll be the prince and I’ll be the princess"?  Are we living at Disney World or in reality?  Once upon a time….and they...

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If You’re Not Helping Someone, You’re Wasting Your Time

Right before our big move we found out this would most likely be our last pregnancy. Once we arrived in Austin, it was confirmed that a hysterectomy was necessary after we delivered our little one. It rustled up a host of emotions.  But eventually I got over myself,...

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Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break

Believe it or not, this month I am writing to you from a hospital bed. I've been put on mandatory bed rest until our fifth child makes his "ready or not, here I come!" arrival. Complications demand I be benched during my favorite time of the year. But God is good ALL...

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Thankful for Thanksgiving?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  One definition for the word thanksgiving is “a blessing or prayer.” To some of you, that’s a funny name for this beloved holiday, right?  I can think back to many years where I would have called it,...

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