New Sermon Series – Lent 2020

New Sermon Series – Lent 2020

Living This Side of the Cross 2020 Lent Sermon Series Mt. Olive Lutheran Church Each service in this series focuses on a word to consider while living Lent on the Easter side of the cross.  Each sermon highlights the ways in which the passion narratives of Christ take...
New Sermon Series – Life Apps

New Sermon Series – Life Apps

Apps can wake you up, show you where to shop, help you count calories, log your exercise, and keep your to-do list, but they can’t make you get up, or control your spending, manage your diet, make you exercise, or check off your to-do list. Did you know that the Bible...
New Sermon Series – God Speaks

New Sermon Series – God Speaks

“God Speaks” (Sept 15 – Oct 20) As we face many challenges in our daily lives and pray for God’s guidance, we may often wonder how we will know His response—how will we recognize His voice among all of the noise in our lives? In this 6-week series we will explore the...
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