Conversations with the Angels

2022 Advent Sermon Series
November 27, 2022 – January 1, 2023

Join us for this Christmas Season series as we explore the role and importance of angels in the Christmas story—how they prepared God’s people for the birth of a Savior and heralded the grand event!

If we could speak with these messengers of God who once spoke to our ancestors in the faith, what would we say? What might the angels say about their messages if we could hold a conversation with them today? 

  • Nov 27th – “Promises Fulfilled”
  • Dec 4th – “God With Us”
  • Dec 11th – “Why Praise?”
  • Dec 18th – “Angels in the Story”
  • Dec 24th – “Praise for the Ages”
  • Dec 25th – “Celebrating with the Angels”
  • Jan 1st – “Angelic Dreams”

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