Beginning Woodworking Class

We are very excited to announce that a couple of Mt Olive’s more seasoned woodworkers we will be holding our SECOND beginner woodworking class on Sunday, October 20th at 3:00 at a workshop near Mt Olive. Men and women age 18-80 are invited.

You will learn what tools it takes to get started, some tips on do’s and don’ts, figuring out what project to do and implementing your plan. And we will actually build something!

Anyone is welcome to come even if you missed the first one.

If you’re interested, please email Peggy Fulmer. We also want to let you know to bring your significant other if they would be interested in doing some crafts or just visit while the others woodwork. So feel free to bring a spouse or friend!

We will be sending out an email with directions and to confirm everything about a week before. But for now, mark your calendars!

Thank you and we hope to see a lot of you there! This is going to be fun!

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