Friday, July 29 was the BEST DAY EVER as it was Fire Truck Splash Day.

Our friends from Oak Hill Fire Department brought the ladder truck for the kids to climb in to provide the mother of all splash days. They raised the ladder and aimed the fire hose (water pressure decreased, of course) over the playground and let ‘er rip. Afterwards, we had a hotdog picnic on our towels and enjoyed the water-cooled grass while it lasted.

Summer is wrapping up and we are saying good-byes to our friends moving on to Kindergarten. It is a joy and a privilege to be a part of their young lives, teaching them and loving them. Most importantly, we cherish the opportunity to teach them about the love of Jesus. It is bittersweet to send our friends off to the next chapter in their lives, but we know they are ready and will flourish in their new schools.

We still have a small handful of part-time spots available for fall enrollment. Contact Karen or Jodi at 512-288-2330 or or at to inquire.