If we traced the word back to its roots, the feeling stirred while taking down Christmas decorations might be the inspiration behind “anticlimactic”. If you ask me the worst, barest, most boring, bland and sparse the house looks all year is after we un-adorn our homes. The whole month of December it was glamorous and elegant meets tacky and blinking. Now it is empty. It makes me frown like a certain 4-year old blonde when she doesn’t get her way…

And it’s not just visually Spartan. We have no cookies in the oven, no Christmas music in the background. A person could get used to that sort of thing! I for one love to listen to Frank Sinatra’s, Elvis Presley’s, Martina McBride’s, George Straight’s, Brad Paisley’s, and as much as Troy despises it, Mariah Carey’s Christmas albums while baking. Ole Blue Eyes’ voice isn’t easily replaced, especially when the masses are experiencing post partum blues 2000 years and counting.

It’s lonely – uncelebrated.

My aunt told me about a book with an interesting premise: we all operate out of abundance or scarcity. No head scratching here. The first few moments after the vacuum cleaner powers down and we look around the place, it’s as if scarcity kidnapped abundance and brought them there – to that moment of disappointment.

Is this what it feels like for those lost souls who don’t have Jesus? Is this what life “feels” like – or have they gone numb? Is this the gang that Henry David Thoreau was referring to when he said, “The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation?” Dead trees outside, cold January temperatures, brown grass, void of smooth melodies, scrumptious smells and the foretaste of the feast to come?

I guess the poor things really are lost. That trumps my worst day ever in a severe way. I only have one reoccurring dream. In it I’m lost and desperately searching the streets of New York for my brother. It’s an awful feeling, being lost. It makes me want to be a better disciple this year. I hope it makes you want to be a better one, too.

Recently during Bible study a friend named Doug said something that popped me square between the eyes. “They aren’t lost to Him,” he said. “He knows exactly where they are.” Wow! How true!!!

That doesn’t mean we don’t have to go spread some hope of life with Him through living our faith and loving on the lost. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 we learn, “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.” These three are interwoven by God. So let’s go on a search and rescue mission this year and shine some of God’s light in 2014. With that power of persuasion on our side, we’re sure to be the lighthouse for some poor soul. Be the Christmas spirit of your time, even when the decorations are tucked safely away in their boxes. Pray God permits His Spirit in you to spark something in those around you that sets them ablaze for Him. Boldly pray to Him to use you and then join me in being on fire for Jesus this year.

One final point I want to leave to marinate in your mind. There is one place that looks just as beautiful to me after the poinsettias are removed as when they were displayed for all to admire: God’s house. Royal. Warm, welcoming, and inviting. The stained glass sparkles in a wondrous way that boasts of a place like no other, because it’s sacred. The outpouring of natural light brightens our poor little sorry selves. Still gorgeous inside, it never feels underwhelming because the cross is still there for all to see. Empty. He lives on forever in our hearts in the form of something so real, it raised Him from the dead. God’s Holy Spirit – the spawn for all mankind to celebrate Jesus at Christmas and always. It lives in you, too, my brothers and sisters in Christ. Let’s spread it like wildfire.