Valentine’s Day is this week. My Dominick told his sister, “Valentines Day is all about love.” Ahhh. What better thing to celebrate?

In my best attempt to be God’s love cheerleader, I issued 3 friendly suggestions to Mt. Olive’s Married Couples Ministry group each week leading up to the big love fest on Friday:

1. Hide a photograph, item or memento that will evoke a memory that only you two would understand. Maybe it’s your favorite honeymoon or wedding picture or better yet – when you were still dating. Or maybe it’s a snapshot at the “our favorite restaurant” in your life. Bring home your “our favorite bottle of wine” or sneak a ticket stub from a sporting event or music festival somewhere you know your spouse will find it. Guys – if you don’t have access to any of that – write her a short note telling your wife about a favorite memory of just the two of you. Put it in a surprise spot. Are you an overachiever? Keep at it every day this week. I’d bet it will be more rewarding the more thought you put into it, so get creative, and have fun.

I found a picture of the first time Troy took me to Georgetown, TX to meet his parents in 1999. WOW! Did we ever look young! It made us both smile. I hope all 49 married couples happened upon some sweet memory that brought them a happy face, too. Go try it for yourself and claim the joy.

2. Go to and find a song you consider “your song” and send the lyrics to your spouse. If you’re one of those crafty, talented types putting those words in a frame for your honey might be a sweet surprise. What’s that? You and Taylor Swift agree – you don’t have an “our song”? Find a song that always gets you in the mood for a date night alone with your husband/wife. Send them those lyrics and tell them why. Overachievers: write her/him a song.

I have always thought, “Come A Little Closer” by Dierks Bentley was such a real man’s love song. No poetry, just kind of rugged and raw. It always makes me think of Troy even though I had never told him that. I also forwarded him 2 songs from our wedding: “When You Say Nothing at All” by Allison Kraus and “Forever and Ever, Amen” by Randy Travis. If you know me, 3 is my “fravorite” number and I do a lot of things in threes, so 3 songs just felt right. Give it a go. Claim a song or two, or three.

Suggestion number 3 needs a little prepping, because it REALLY pushed me outside of my comfort zone. It’s freezing cold here. My friends in the Northeast would roll around laughing at what I call freezing cold these days. But for Texas it’s been brutal – like in the 20’s. I joke that God froze me out of Massachusetts because I despise that bitter winter weather. That said, God prompted me to tell the couples to keep warm and after all they are married and it is the week leading up to Valentine’s Day… so:

3. Come up with creative ways for you and your spouse to stay warm every night this week. We’re all adults here. Yes, I did just suggest “that”. Enough said (but if you buy your wife mittens – I’m officially worried about you).

I thought about it and what better way to show your spouse you love them than Mark 10:8 “…and the two shall become one flesh. So they are no longer two but one flesh.”

I love flowers and dark chocolate as much as anyone, but the affection God designed for husband and wife is so much better than any token gift. It’s not a token at all, it’s a sacred expression. Flowers wilt and your hips never forget your caloric indiscretions. God’s way to show each other your love is beyond compare. It’s Heavenly and Divine, which I believe is why it feels like it could only come from Him up above. Even if you don’t know Our Father in heaven, I’d bet you’d have a hard time disputing the fact that making love can be compared to nothing else earthly. To little lamb, me, that’s proof He created it and why it’s so powerful.

This upcoming week, on Valentine’s Day, I will email the Married Couples group all the pictures I’ve snapped of them during the 11 month’s worth of events we’ve hosted, along with the details on how to sign up for our first overnight event! We will be escaping to charming Fredericksburg to view Family Life’s “The Art of Marriage.” Whoever you are – wherever you are -if you’re married, you’re invited. And I promise, this is one event you really don’t want to miss. We’re going to get to the heart of the matter and bring it back to Jesus, and one another. God’s perfect design. Come and go with me and our growing group of brothers and sisters in Christ that want to claim the joy and sacredness in our marriages and let His light shine for all to see. Interested? Contact the Mt. Olive church office: 512-288-2370. They can put you in touch with me and I’ll get you all the details!

Cupids wishes for “all y’all” from the lady who’s ALWAYS rooting your “us” on.