The Pandemic in Guatemala:

Obviously, the whole world has been gripped in a pandemic that has affected us all and our way of life. These changes have also had an effect on the little mountain village of Capucalito where our church serves in south east Guatemala. The lives of these simple, humble, wonderfully friendly people have been no different than anyone else in the world and have had a hard time. Mt Olive has reached out a hand to give them a little help in their time of need.

Through our old friends at C.A.L.M.S. (Central American Lutheran Mission Society) we have sent enough money to provide everyone in the village over the age of 60 – 100 pounds of corn, 20 pounds of beans, 10 pounds of rice, two liters of cooking oil, sugar and a protein supplement drink called incaparina. All in all, we were able to purchase and transport over 3 tons of food up the windy dirt road and distribute it to our friends. More than 40 people in Capucalito are over the age of 60 and, while that doesn’t seem like a lot, many people there live in multigenerational households so touching 40 out of the 100+ homes not only touches the most vulnerable members of the village but helps a good portion of the others as well.

Mt Olive sent close to $2,000 to Guatemala to help support this effort and helped start an idea that has spread to other churches in the US that are working in Central America. They too are providing food to the villages where they work and letting people know, thousands of miles away, that they have not been forgotten.

God is good.

When Pastor Meyer and the Governance Board were asked about helping, they did not hesitate, they said send the money now, when it was needed, and trust that God will help us figure out how it will all work. We would like to encourage you to contribute to this heartfelt effort of love by contributing to Mt Olive’s Mission Fund.

Giving online is fast, secure, and easy.

Click here, select Missions and the amount with which you would like to give. If you would prefer to send a check, please be sure to put “Mission Guatemala” in the memo portion to make sure it gets credited to the correct account. Anything you can give will be used for our friends in Capucalito and is unbelievable appreciated.

Please help us. You can see a short video sent to us by our good friends in Guatemala, Helio Ramírez and Charles “Carlos” Cohen. They helped order, purchase, transport and distribute the food. They made sure that everyone that received a donation was personally contacted and had them sign their name when they picked up their food to certify everything and keep an open and honest record of our donation to make sure it all went where it was most needed. They did this with no compensation for themselves, recognizing a need and doing what they thought Jesus expected of them.


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