I’m Thankful for…

Each month, we will be asking a new question to be posted the following month. We want to let the world see what the Mt. Olive congregation think about fun and personal questions!

We loved the answers from our first month and we’re going to keep doing this. It’s fun to see what everyone thinks! – this month, as we head into the Thanksgiving season, we asked you to complete

“I’m Thankful for…”

Here are your answers!

…Jesus, my friends, my church!

…my many blessings from the Lord.

I am grateful for people who are venerable enough to share their story just as it is lived.
We live in a world where we put on masks and costumes not only for Halloween. Social media helps us put our best foot or picture forward and yet our true selves are messier than that latest post or picture.

I love being around people who open their hearts to me. it helps me to do the same, to be vulnerable. When others revel their true lives it gives me courage to reciprocate. I read recently that courage is not a character trait; it’s a direction.

So may we all have courage – direction. May that direction be towards the other people in our lives and may we approach with open hearts.

…Good health, good friends, and good dessert

Chocolate and wine!

…my family, my faith, and my God.

I’m thankful for faith, family, and friends!…and chocolate…

I’m thankful to God for His many blessings in my life, and thankful for home and country!

I love Thanksgiving! It’s probably my favorite holiday of the year. I love everything about it: Family. Food. Reflecting on the good things in life. We have so much to thankful for especially the freedom to pursue our goals and dreams. But then also the everyday things like my family, coffee, dog, friends, church, and sports!

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