It’s that time of year where godly men and women at church are ready to roll out their Bible studies. Many take a break for the summer and when the fall rolls around, they offer a chance to grow for each of us. I’m BEGGING my readers to go get involved in one. Stop what you’re doing and SIGN UP TODAY! Some have childcare, some don’t. Some cost money, some don’t. Make sure you trust the people running the show (check out the website!), and that they believe in the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and they believe the Bible is divinely inspired and therefore the ultimate authority.

Grab your bible and sit your tail in a seat and learn God’s word. If you don’t know where to begin, call me and I’ll help you find one 508 254 6406. Can’t find your bible? I will buy you one. Feel intimidated because you need a beginners course – guess what? Everyone had to start somewhere! And there are Bible 101 courses at many Christian places of worship. Let today be that day for you to incorporate His word into your important decisions. And I seriously will cut you no slack if you tell me you don’t have enough time. Remember who you’re talking to – a mother of five children 9 and under. This one thing has grounded me in every area of my life. As I would say to my little ones, “God has only made your brain once. It’s unique to you. Now go and make Him proud and use it.” I don’t care how old you are and neither does He. Figure out how to make room for this – I KNOW you can do it! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God will never waste your time!

Here at Mount Olive I can tell you the Bible study that my husband and I attend is between the early and late service while our older children are in Sunday school. But if you have REALLY little ones, there is also childcare. It’s free and the quality of the lessons is top notch – my daughter Grace runs into the church yelling Miss Lucy!! Miss Lucy!! So take that 3 year old’s endorsement to heart and see for yourself! Troy is also involved in a men’s bible study that he has been incredibly impressed with. They run on every other Saturday morning, bright and early at 7:30 at Mount Olive’s Fellowship Hall. I know there’s a 9:30 Monday morning women’s bible study that I’m certain is fantastic, too. Here’s the link you’ll need to find the one we offer that’s right for you: “Mt. Olive Education Opportunities

Studying God’s word matters so very much that this is all I’m saying in this blog post. I will pray that this prompting ignites something in you that gets you off your behind and into God’s Word.

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