“God Speaks”

(Sept 15 – Oct 20)

As we face many challenges in our daily lives and pray for God’s guidance, we may often wonder how we will know His response—how will we recognize His voice among all of the noise in our lives?

In this 6-week series we will explore the ways God speaks to us, how to recognize the sound of His voice, and be reminded of what He wants to accomplish through us.

You will learn how to be open to the Spirit of God’s prompting, and how to listen to and pay attention to how God is leading you!


  • Week 1 – “If You’re Listening”
  • Week 2 – “What’s Better Than a Burning Bush?”
  • Week 3 – “He Is Persistent”
  • Week 4 – “He Will Challenge You”
  • Week 5 – “Sounds Like a Plan”
  • Week 6 – “Greater Expectations”
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