New Sermon Series – Lent 2019

Join Mt. Olive for the season of Lent

40 days of reflection leading up to Resurrection Sunday.

Lenten Sunday services

“Thy Will Be Done”

“Not as I will, but as you will,” Jesus prayed to his Father the night before he went to the cross for our salvation. And that is our prayer as well this Lent as we seek to do God’s will in our lives, as we draw near to the observance of Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. Each Sunday we will focus on a different aspect of God’s will at work among us, as we each begin our Lenten journey of repentance, reflection and spiritual renewal.

Join us as we begin this message series:

Ash Wednesday (Mar 6):

God’s Will and God’s Promise • Abraham and Isaac
By faith, Abraham trusted the will of God when he promised that a son would be born to him. God’s will was done when that son, Isaac, was born, and God’s will was done when his Son, Jesus came into the world to redeem his people.

Week 1 – March 10

God’s Will and My Inadequacy • Moses
At first, Moses did not think he could free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. But God gave him confidence to set his people free. In Lent we remember that God sent his Son to do his will and set all people free from the slavery of sin.

Week 2 – March 17

God’s Will and My Dreams • David
Anointed by God to rule in Judah, King David follow God’s will to shepherd his people, but often failed to live up to God’s dream for him. We welcome the Good Shepherd into our lives who fulfill God’s dream perfectly to gather his wandering sheep into the sheepfold of heaven.

Week 3 – March 24

God’s Will and My Identity • Mary
In humility, Mary dutifully accepted the role God had given her to become the mother of our Savior. That Son would later accept his role, faithfully following the path his Father had in mind for him to save us all.

Week 4 – March 31 (One Voice Service)

God’s Will and My Worldview • Paul
On the road to Damascus, Paul had his worldview turned upside down when God called him to preach the name of the Christ he had been persecuting. We follow God’s will by putting the crucified Christ at the center of our worldview.

Week 5 – April 7

God’s Will and My Response • Lydia
Lydia followed the will of God by responding faith and hospitality when the Gospel message of Christ’s sacrifice was preached to her. We follow the will of God by responding in love and service to one another in return for what Christ has done for us.

Week 6 – April 14 (Palm Sunday)

God’s Will When We Are Not Willing

Maundy Thursday – April 18

God’s Will and Joyful Service

Good Friday – April 19

God’s Will Is Done

Easter – April 21

God’s Will for the New Creation

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