Summer is in full swing at the Preschool, and we are having fun, fun, fun!

We had our first Splash Day last week. The kids were about to burst with excitement.

20160617_104938   20160617_105929

Along with our usual sprinkler setup, we had pools filled with shave cream and our own makeshift water park. Removing a couple nozzles from our mister yields a continuous stream of water for filling up buckets. Fill ‘em up. Pour ‘em out. Repeat.

Our older kids have been having a blast at VBS this week, playing games, singing songs, dancing, and learning how to Follow Jesus. The rest of the Preschool kids are “camping” this week. They have tents and teepees to play in along with pretend campfires and fishing holes. They even had s’mores for snack.

20160617_105246   20160617_110001

We always say the fun never ends at Mt. Olive Preschool. So far, summer is living up to that reputation.