It warms my very core to see the reckless jubilation that children express when they learn some of the best news of the whole year… “Christmas is coming!” Everything else in their life screeches to a halt and they OBSESS about “When!?!?”

I think this has to be the way the people of biblical times anticipated the Messiah. But like so many times, God answered them in a way no one had envisioned. Imagine there was a cry – a newborn baby’s cry. And God’s promise was delivered into a manger in the most humble of settings, surrounded by animals and hay, Mary and Joseph. Our Savior arrived in a completely helpless state, but met with reckless jubilation by his earthly parents and later the wise men. They were truly entranced by Christ. Our bridegroom needed nursing and nourishment, carrying and guidance, and unconditional love and constant supervision. Sound familiar? Isn’t that us? Our “new baby scent” never wears off for our Heavenly Father. To Him, that so loved us, He would sacrifice very His flesh and blood, we are as perfect today, as He was that night. ONLY because Jesus traded spots with us could we be seen as such royal heirs. REJOICE!! REJOICE BELIEVERS!! Let your life screech to a halt and teach your children to honor it, by making Him proud. Stay entranced at Christmas on Him. Don’t take Satan’s bait and let it become a dreaded time of one-day sales, hustle and bustle and the quest for the perfect gift. Keep your eye on the prize – Christ. The perfect sacrifice, the only perfect gift from our omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient Father in Heaven. The kids are right, Christmas (then of course, Easter) is indeed the best news any of us, young and old alike, will hear all year. In a time of so much sad news the world over, stay entranced with that. Better yet, go tell it on a mountain!!

At Christmas we all have family traditions that we look forward to. At our home, we bake Jesus a birthday cake and make party hats and sing to Him as loud as the children can sing (I tell them I want to make sure Jesus can hear us all the way up in Heaven!). And after we sing and we blow out candles for Him, I take a moment to think about how glorious the feast in Heaven is on Christmas. Better than any newborn’s arrival or extravagant wedding – Christmas in heaven. Take a moment to really use your imagination and think what it must be like! The music, the celebration, the triumph, the jubilation! REJOICE! REJOICE BELIEVERS! And don’t stop until you get to see Christmas in heaven with your own two eyes!

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