Mt. Olive Response

The Mt. Olive Governance Board has defined the following guidelines that will be in use as Mt. Olive moves to worshiping in person again. 

Worshiping Together in Sanctuary:

Our COVID-19 Response – Updated May 2021

The following highlights Mt. Olive’s updated plan of action to maintain a safe and healthy church environment while worshiping in the Sanctuary as we move toward a reduced number of COVID cases and hospitalizations, along with more people being vaccinated. The information below is intended to help families know what measures are currently being taken. The governance board reviews any updated CDC guidance and how that may impact our protocols monthly. We encourage members to monitor current CDC guidance for their own personal health.


Guidelines for staff, volunteers and worshipers

  • Members and guests in any at-risk category, as defined by the CDC, are encouraged to talk with their Healthcare providers if they are concerned about attending to assess their risk and to determine if they should seek alternate opportunities.
  • If you are not feeling well, have a temperature, have a compromised immune system, or simply not ready to worship in person, please stay home and worship with us online.

Church Sanitation

  • The church, including the Sanctuary, will be cleaned on a routine basis.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the church.
  • We respectfully ask that you properly dispose of any trash after service to minimize our ushers from touching such items (e.g., used tissues, order of service, food and beverages, etc.).


    • A limited number of the order of service will be available; however, we encourage members and guests to utilize the screens, when possible.
    • The Olive Branch will continue to be distributed electronically.


    • The wooden church box will be placed on a table in the Narthex for collections.


    • Communion will be offered using the prepackaged wafers and grape juice or wine.

    Education Hour, KREW, and Nursery

    • No offerings until further notice.

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